Saturday, November 20, 2021

I Sold a Website for $5,000

I’ve been managed small websites (blogs and e-commerce stores) for a few years now. After this site was around 6 months old, I decided to sell it for profit.

This was one of the first few websites I developed and sold. I consider the sale successful for me and the buyer.

This is how it happened…

I built a personal blog

Personal blog about tutorial has been an interesting topic to me for a while. Before setting up this blog, I had two or three other blogs where I wrote articles about making money and shared a little bit of content around personal finance. But, I wanted to build a site solely dedicated to personal blog and so Best of Budgets was born..

It took 14 bids facebook group and the site sold. If you want to check it out today, just visit blog.
I’m not sure if the owner is the same person or if they promoted it just like me but, they did a great job of building up the site, ranking the site for keywords, developing the SEO and monetizing it (I’m assuming).

How did this happen? In around 6 months or less, I wrote a little over a dozen personal finance articles and promoted the site to grow the traffic. I wrote the articles myself since I’m a writer but if you wanted to replicate my process without writing, you could simply hire a freelance writer to do this for you.

In a few months the site was income-producing, making around $200/month. If I had kept it a bit longer, I probably could have sold it for a lot more than $5,000 but, I was ready to move onto the next project and remove this blog from my portfolio.

The website sale included:
The website 4 social media accounts.

A small email list It took around an hour a week or so to maintain the site which primarily consisted of content creation and marketing. This was a super easy side project to manage and I created dozens of small sites just like this to flip for profit making anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Why I love website managed? It’s a business you can run entirely on your own (no staff required). You’re really only working for a single customer at a time (the website buyer).

And then, there are the perks of running your own company like :
  • Schedule flexibility,
  • Unlimited income potential,
  • Work part-time or full-time,
  • The opportunity to make this your full-time career,
  • 7 Ways Life is Better as a Business Owner And,
  • Why I’ll Never Go Back to a 9-to-5 again.
You don’t need to be tech-savvy or know how to code. You don’t even need to worry about SEO if you do the quick flips (3 months or less) like I mostly focus on. It’s all about following a blueprint to create an attractive, working website that you can sell to a buyer. Aim for a target price for your sites like $500 per website and determine how many sites you want to work on and sell every month like 5 sites and then… 5 sites X $500 each = $2,500/month
This is just an example.

Who this is not for? If you’re looking for super stable income, you won’t get that from this type of work, especially in the beginning when you’re feeling out the workload and working with your schedule, etc. For those that want to work for a boss in a freelancer capacity, someone who will give you a project to work on a timeline for a set budget, that’s not this.

If you need a rigid schedule with dedicated check-ins and timestamps, that’s not website managed, unless you create this type of work setup for yourself.

In short, it’s incredibly flexible. For people who aren’t good with prioritizing tasks and policing themselves to stay on track and work a project consistently, then you might struggle with managed websites.

You’re the boss and you make the rules so if it fails, it’s on you. Every website won’t sell right away but, you can build up a portfolio of website projects to work on to help you promote a few sites at a time, to help stabilize your income.

Is website managed worth it? If you’re looking for a money-making side hustle that you can run as a business and earn a limitless amount of money from, check this out. And, here are some other stories I’ve written on website managed to share a little more about the process and how it works if you’re interested.

That's all guys thank you for reading and visiting my blog, see you next time...